I was born in 1972 and grew up in the 80s. I was a massive fan of comics & cartoons during this era and started drawing & copying the characters I loved In the mid 80s. Hiphop was the latest thing and I just loved the art and music.

My work started to evolve during this time and I started to develop my own style. After I left school in 1988 I discovered Acid House and started going to parties in & around London and was blown away by the energy, music and fashion. I used to come back from raves and would still be wide awake, so to get back to sleep I would sit and draw until I was!

It was during this time my work really started changing and was heavily influenced by my passion for the freedom and expression of the parties I was going to. In the early 90s, raves started happening all over the country on a massive scale and I realised this was a massive explosion of youth culture like this country had never seen before.

I started travelling to venues all over the country but one of our favourites was the Eclipse in Coventry. It was after a great night there, I got back and drew the now Iconic Eclipse Flyer, in one take and still pretty ‘awake’. I sent it off on the Monday and the owner called me up & said they wanted to use it!!

I was elated and it spurred me on to keep going with my art. Consequently I ended up working with numerous promoters and venues creating flyers, t shirts, backdrops etc. Moving forward 30 years! I realised there was still massive interest in the era and movement and it reagnited my passion – I decided to get the pens out again and get back on it I have been amazed with the response and that I am now classed as a leader in this field Rave Art.

In true Raver spirit never give up on your dreams and passions it will happen! What a ride!

One love,


At work in the studio